Home news Can Easy DVD Player compatible with Windows® 8

Get the best Windows 8 DVD playback software for your Windows 8 system

Microsoft officially unleashed the most advanced operating system-Windows 8® on October 26th.

The new system has a fresh start interface and touch-screen friendly design. However, what worries you is that whether the software can still work on your newly updated or bought Windows® 8

Need to watch DVD/Blu-ray movies or MPEG-2 videos on your brand new Windows® 8 and found it’s no longer supported? Get Easy DVD Player as a free Windows software now, to complete your media entertainment experience to enjoy your whole time favorite movies again and again as you like!

DVD/Blu-ray for Windows 8:

Easy DVD is the best DVD player for Windows 8 with the extensive support of latest Blu-ray movies fluently on your PC. Even though, you find that the new system no longer support DVD playback, you can use this free Windows 8 software to complete this imperfect.

Plays MPEG-2 and all HD Videos

Easy DVD Player almost supports all the video formats: MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or MKV.