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Why we watch Blu-ray movie anyway?

Technology changes the world as well as people’s life.

When the movie in cinema take approach in 3D and IMAX. The home theatre is also taking a stride to the forward. Now, movies look more wonderful in Blu-ray version with a simple Blu-ray player and Windows Blu-ray player software .

The multimedia market changes from the videotape, VCDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. Every step changes our visual experience outright and every step overturns our conception to multimedia. We refresh the interpretation of how good a movie can be. It is far more than a package of slideshows. We accept them as a pleasure part of our life. Blu-ray Discs and all the Blu-ray technology just duplicated our joy of the leisure time.

The reason for we need to watch Blu-ray is straight: We get more fun.

1. Image quality

The image quality is FAR better than any MPEG-2 files. When we see the pictures, we have a hallucination of that we are part of the plot. We involve ourselves in the scene. That is the exact reason for why the Blu-ray technology maximizes our fun.


2. Sound quality

Audio codecs for Blu-ray are not just limited to Dolby digital and DTS. If you like the way HD-DVDs sound, you will love Blu-ray. Additional codecs supported in Blu-ray include Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS HD High resolution, DTS HD Master Audio and Linear PCM. Most of these formats use lossless data compression and support higher bit rate and more channels.


3. Hardware and software supports.

Many advanced computer has an internal Blu-ray drive and you can also buy an external Blu-ray drive easily in the market.

The Blu-ray player software is also not a problem to pick. However, as for the IOS system doesn’t ship with Blu-ray, you have to pay a special attention to the version of the Blu-ray player software. Windows Blu-ray player is more common to see than Mac version.

As for a Windows Blu-ray player, the most important you will consider is whether it can play Blu-ray Discs and Blu-ray ISO fluently which is the core of Windows Blu-ray player software. The additional functions come to the secondary. Like snapshot and sharing. Notwithstanding the additional functions are less important, it just like a woman’s accessories which can add a “+” to the main part.


All in all, to enjoy the high-definition moving image without stepping out of your door is quite free and unfettered unless RAM of your computer is too small.

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