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What is the best software for Windows

What are the first apps you download on a new Windows box? What's the software you just can't live without? There are several best softwares for Windows of each function. For example, when you need to beautify photos, you will remind of Photoshop. When you need to talk with your dear friends or families who are on holiday in Saipan, we download Skype.

What Windows software is going to flash in your brain when you want to watch movies on your computer?

Window Media or VLC? But what about that you want to see a Blu-ray movie?

You have to switch for another Windows video software? It will waste a lot of our precious time to look for one, to download it and then install them. More frustratingly, in most cases we still can’t find the one that up to your alley.

If you are a Minimalism, you may like use Easy DVD Player as your video/audio playback tool.

The main features are as follows:

1. Support both DVDs and Blu-ray video playback

It can lockout all the region protection of DVDs and BDs as well as support DVD and BD menus.

2. Support all video and audio formats


3. High-quality audio output.

Another highlight of this software is that it can output the 5.1 audio tracks without any quality loss.

4. Easy and clean design

The interface of the player is simply designed which offers the easiness of operating the player.

More information:

The advantage settings of Easy DVD Player software

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