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How to watch DVDs on Windows XP and Windows Vista DVD player software?

Microsoft Windows XP and Vista don’t offer users a DVD Player software to play DVDs and MPEG-2 files to bow to the copy right law in America. That is the reason why we need to install a DVD decoder, a DVD codec, or a DVD Decrypter.

However to find a proper DVD decoder is so annoying. Users of Windows XP and Windows Vista can switch to use a third part DVD Player to compatible with the system. Although there exists many DVD Player apps, Easy DVD Player is an all-in one Windows Blu-ray/DVD player software which you can play all kinds of video formats and free of searching and installing any other DVD decoder or DVD codec.

You can follow the step to install and play the app into your Windows XP or Windows Vista system.

Tips: In order for the below steps to work, your computer does still need to have a DVD player in order to read the DVD.

Step 1: Download Windows XP/Vista DVD player software

Download the Windows XP/Vista DVD player.

Step 2Play Windows XP/Vista DVD player software

2.1. Play DVDs

If you want to play a disc on your computer or laptop, an external DVD player drive is a must. Insert your disc and open the Windows XP/Vista DVD player software. Select "Continue" when a dialogue pops up.

2.2. Play local files
If you'd like to play video files on your computer, select the button "Open File" or "File" and select the one you are going to watch.


Step 3: Personalized settings of the best Windows XP/Vista DVD player software:

You also can forward, backward or adjust the volume through the option "Controls" and choose the size of the interface as you like by clicking the button "video".
Change the background of the interface and personalize your player software for Windows 7 by clicking the button "Window".

Step 4: Share on the best Windows XP/Vista DVD player software:

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