Home tutorial How to register Easy DVD Player

How to register Easy DVD Player

In consideration of security issue, Easy DVD Player only allows online registration.

1. Preparation

To register Easy DVD Player, you should have a valid email box. This box is used to receive the registration code.

2. Registration

2.1 Open Easy DVD Player and you will see the main interface, meanwhile, a registration dialogue will also pop up.

Click “Buy Online” button and it will turn to the “Purchase” page of Easy DVD Player official website.

 2.2 When you get registered and fill the form that requires you to fill, you will get your register code from your email box.

We suggest you copy the code in the pop up “Registration” dialogue with no space on the left side.

3. Enjoy your no limitation version of the best DVD Player software

Once get registered, the registration page goes away, and you will be directed to the main screen. You can enjoy your lifetime free update forever.