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How to use Easy DVD Player as a free MKV player

First of all, let’s see what is MKV. MKV is a filename extension for the Matroska (including MKV, MKA, MKS) video format.

Secondly, we provide detailed steps of how to play MKV files on this free MKV player

Step 1: Install

You need to download free MKV Player from download center or right here http://www.easy-dvd-player.com/user/download/easydvdplayer.exe. Then install it on your computer and run the app.

Step 2: Play

Click on the "Open File" button and then choose the MKV file that you want to watch. Drag the file into the window or click "File" on the top left corner to find the video files in your computer.

Then you can enjoy your video now.


Step 3: Settings

You can make a change while you are enjoying a movie:

You click video to control the player’s screen size in line with your need.


Additionally, you can also snapshot without clicking "Pause/Play" button which provides much more convenience for you to get your favorite film-screenshot on free MKV player.


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