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Use Windows Blu-ray player to play Blu-ray Disc

Although you have a special feeling to the classic way to watch a movie on DVDs, you are definitely unwilling to miss the high quality enjoyment that only Blu-ray can bring you. What bothers you a lot is that you have found most DVD video player software cannot play Blu-ray discs at all or they might play after complicated settings and app downloads. You just want simplicity in your free time. You are lucky to find the Windows Blu-ray Player released by Easy DVD Player.


Play Blu-ray disc with Windows Blu-ray player


Easy DVD Windows Blu-ray player is a professional Windows Blu-ray player which can compatible with Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and the newly unleashed Windows 8. It helps you play Blu-ray movies as well as all the other media and video formats on your PC easily. Moreover, this powerful Windows Blu-ray player also offers you to personalize your settings. You can change the background of the interface and share on the social websites through this Windows Blu-ray Player. 


Using Windows Blu-ray Player to play Blu-ray Disc on Windows 8

Step 1) Download Easy DVD Player from the download page and install it.

Step 2) Load Blu-ray Disc on your PC and run the Windows Blu-ray player software

After you insert your BD into the Blu-ray driver, open Easy DVD Player, select "Continue" and the Blu-ray player will play it automatically. It may need some time for the Windows Blu-ray Player to read your disc. Then you get a menu like this:



Select "Play Movie" button and you go straightly to the movie itself. However, you can select the "Audio" and "Subtitle" to set the language.




Step 3: Customize Windows Blu-ray Player

Step 3.1: Video size setting

Click “Video” on the panel of the Blu-ray player for Windows, you can decide what size you want for Blu-ray disc playback.

As for the full screen size you should clickwindows-blu-ray-player on the bottom right corner of the Windows Blu-ray player software. “Esc” to exit full screen mode


Step 3.2: Change the interface

Choose “Tools→Preference→General→Main Screen” so that you can upload a picture in your computer as your interface background.


You can also Click "Window→Customize→Background" to change the interface background of the Windows Blu-ray player

Step 3.3: Snapshot

“Tools-Snapshot” or “Ctrl+Alt+S” can save the moving moment while from the Blu-ray movie playback and store it not only in your mind, but also in your computer.

Step 3.4:Adjustment

Click "Windows" and you will see a drop-down menu and then choose "Adjustments…," select it and a control panel displays. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast as you like on this Windows Blu-ray player software.

Note: If every time you want your settings are applied on this Blu-ray player software, you can hook “Always apply the settings”. If you want the original settings of the video, you can just click “reset”.


3.5 Share with Blu-ray player Software
If you don’t deny that you are a social worm and your life can hardly go on without the interaction with your friend, this function is definitely what you want in your digital life. Click the share button on this Windows Blu-ray player software and you make your voice heard to your friends. Let them know what you are watching and by the way add your comments to the video.


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