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How to change the brightness of videos?

You may come across such a situation that the images are too dark for you to figure out what on earth you are watching. At the very moment, you will think of to adjust to the brightness by yourself. This how-to article will help you finish it on Easy DVD in a minute.

1. Download and install the Easy DVD Player

2. Choose a video file from your computer or on line or insert a disc into your drive

3. You are enjoying a movie and suddenly you find that the images are a little dark

4. Put your mouse to the media panel and you will see “Windows”

5. Click “Windows”, you will see a drop-down menu and then choose “Adjustments…,” select it and a control panel displays. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast as you like.

To adjust the overall brightness or darkness of the images. Move the slider to left side to make the video darker, right brighter.

Adjust the amount of difference between light and dark areas in the video. The closer to the right side, the bigger contrast the video will be.

You can also adjust other video setting, such as Saturation to adjust the degree or concentration of color from pale to strong, Gamma to adjust the white content and Hue to adjust color "bias" of the video.


Note: If every time you want your settings are applied, you can hook “Always apply the settings”, if you want the original settings of the video, you can just click “reset”.