Home tutorial Easy DVD Player can be used as free WMV player software

Easy DVD Player can be used as free WMV player software

WMV is a very common media format that is widely used. Easy DVD Player, as a multi-purpose media player, can be used as free WMV player software as well. It is very applicable for you to view any WMV on PC by removing all known WMV protections in seconds. Really a powerful and helpful tool! As a free WMV player software on PC, Easy DVD Player can play WMV without functional limitation. Its process is very simple and only two steps are needed.

Step 1: Free download the free WMV player

Download Easy DVD Player from the download page and install the app in your PC.

Step 2: Operation of the free WMV media player

1) Open Easy Player and the registration dialogue will pop up. Click the "Continue" button and then you can play WMV for free.

2) Now there are two open buttons: "Open File" and "Open Disc"

If you want to play WMV files, you can press "Open File" button, then click the WMV document to start playing directly. You can also play ISO files through "Open File". But if you want to play Blu-ray discs or DVD, you can choose the "Open Disc" button.


Step 3: Settings

When you play WMV movies, you can take actions as follows:

1) Snapshot: Ctrl+Alt+S

Snapshot the movie by shortcut keys or pressing the "Snapshot" in "Tools".


2) Adjustments

Click "Windows" button and select "Adjustments". There are five sections to be set in video tuner: brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, and hue. If you want to reset them, you can press "Reset" button. Moreover, if you want to keep the settings, you can check the "Always apply the settings" on the left bottom.


3) Aspect Ratio

If you want to adjust apsect ratio, you can find it in "Video" on the tool menu.

4) Screen size

You can adjust screen size by shortcut keys or through the options in "Video" on the tool menu.

Half size: Ctrl+1

Normal size: Ctrl+2

Double size: Ctrl+3

Fit to the screen: Ctrl+4


5) Share with the free WMV player Software
If you don’t deny that you are a social worm and your life can hardly go on without the interaction with your friend, this function is definitely what you want in your digital life. Click the share button on this free WMV media player and you make your voice heard to your friends. Let them know what you are watching and by the way add your comments to the video.


In addition:

Other media formats supported here: Blu-ray, DVD, Video CD, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, MPEG, RMVB, MP4, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc.

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