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        What's your refund policy?

       We highly recommend you download the Easy DVD trial version from our website to make sure that if it can be compatible with your computer systems and satisfy all of your requirements before purchasing the full version. We will do our best to help you to solve the playback problems.
    We refund to you if the following cases happen:
    1) Because Easy DVD uses a third party payment platform. If you have been double charged due to the system problem of the third party payment platform, we will refund.
    2) The product has fatal technical problems, and our support team failed to solve this problem within one month.
    3) You never received the registration code after your order, and even failed to retrieve the code from our “Registration code Retrieval” wizard or got no response from our support team after reporting this to us. Once your refund is issued, please uninstall the software and remove it.
    We generally do not refund or exchange products in these cases:
    1) You purchased the so-called “wrong” product, and you purchased the “right” product from other company.
    2) You changed your mind after placing an order.
    3) You request a refund for technical problems, but never provide any efficient information to our support team with any detailed description of the problem.
    4) You failed to receive the registration code for the product, and didn’t try our “Registration Code Retrieval” wizard.
    5) You don’t have a DVD drive.
    6) You cannot connect to the network.


        What are the System requirements?

       Windows XP/Vista/7, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or equivalent AMD Athlon™ processor or higher recommended 512 MB or higher recommended 250 MB of free disk space A internal or external Blu-ray drive.



       Where should I download Easy DVD Player?

       Please download the Easy DVD from our website: www.easy-dvd-player.com

       What currency do you accept?

       Now, we only accept USD to pay this product.


       How can I order Easy DVD?

        You can order the product by clicking: ORDER IT NOW


       Are the updates and support free?

       For all the registers, updates and support are free.


       How can I get registered?

       After you sending an order, we will send you an email which contains a registration code. Then you should do as follows: 1.Run Easy DVD Player, a Registration dialogue will pop up. 2. Enter Email Address and Registration Code, then click "Register". When doing the registration, please make sure that there is no space on the left/right of you email/code. We recommend you copy and paste your email and code to the register-window


       When I try to play a DVD files, I get an error "access violation at address 00000000"?

       That means you used a crack to patch EasyDVD Player. DON'T DO IT! The crack will destroy EasyDVD.exe and make it unstable, and it's ILLEGAL! EasyDVD Player costs only USD $29.95 for registration!


       I can't control the brightness when I playing the VideoCD or MPEG-1 video files?

       You should install DirectX 8.0


       Why I can’t play my Blu-ray files?

       Make sure that you connect to the Internet. If you still have questions, you can contact us. We will help you as soon as possible.