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What is DVD?


DVD is short for “digital versatile disc” or “digital video disc”. DVD is an optical disc storage format which offers higher storage capacity than CD (Compact Discs) while having the same dimensions. It can store more than 6 times data compared to CD and has a faster velocity. As well, DVD has high quality digital video, audio, picture and other sort information. Standard DVD use red light laser in the wavelength of 650 nm. However, CD’s wavelength is 780nm.


DVD-ROM, means Read Only Memory, the data stored on it can only be read but not written. It is the basic format that data be held.

DVD-R and DVD+R, only can record data one time, the other functions are as DVD-ROM.

DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM, the data stored in these ones can be recorded, erased and written many times.

DVD uses the MPEG-2 file to compress. MPEG-2 images have four times the resolution of MPEG-1 which is used by VCD compression. Images and can be delivered at 60 interlaced fields per second where two fields constitute one image frame. It is a pity that Microsoft Windows new member-Windows 8 can’t compatible with the MPEG-2 which need the users to find a third party DVD player software to solve this inconvenience.  

Related to DVD:

DVD-Video is a standard for storing and distributing video/audio content on DVD media.

DVD-Audio is a format for delivering high fidelity audio content on a DVD. It replaces CD and compared to CD format it has much higher-capacity DVD format enables the inclusion of considerably more music 

In 2007, when DVD launches in the market, there have been countless DVD devices all around the world, like DVD PCs, DVD players, and DVD game consoles.

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